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Creating A
new currency
FOR Growth

Giftcards perform brilliantly

Average value






Overall revenue


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Gift Card Platform and what it brings


Create a currency

A new revenue stream and marketing channel for your brands


Grow revenue

Access the U.K.’s £7 billion gift card market


Grow online advance booking

Simple web link making it easy for your brands to connect as well as guests to buy and book


Grow B2B

Access the network of 500 corporate buyers across 10 verticals worth £3.5 billion=


Innovative tech

Creativity and engagement for your brands

Giving the gift of memorable experiences

Access 500 Corporate and Agency buyers across 10 verticals.

A £7 billion business with half sold B2B

Rewards and incentives

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Customer Loyalty

Market Research

Membership Schemes

Savings Schemes

Employee Discounts

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Promotional Marketing

Channel Incentives

Long Service

Consumer gifting

What can gift cards do for me

Gift cards can transform marketing campaigns within the leisure industry. The National Trust saw instant results with the launch of their own branded gift card product, through our technology provider, Diggecard.

O2 Priority text competition delivered £1m in sales

Exodus incentive drove 1,000 accommodation bookings

Gift card as membership reward to encourage upspend

The Times used gift cards to incentives subscription

Sales up 96% from 2019 to 2020

Let us help you take the next step to create a new currency for growth

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