September 8, 2021

3 essentials for your 2022 marketing plan

Maximise your 2022 marketing plan with these 3 essential trends.

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It’s planning time. Analysis, learnings, plans to drive revenue starting January 2022 through a new world of domestic travel and activity with the promise of international horizons. As you start to finalise your strategic goals and objectives, let us help with three pointers to include in your 2022 marketing plan.

1)    Gift cards

We are biased. However, we are also prepared to bet they haven’t featured much before and finding new revenue or visitor opportunities can be hard to do when you are battling the day to day operational needs of the leisure industry. Gift cards are a £7 billion industry and giving the gift or memorable experiences couldn’t be more fitting for your 2022 marketing plan.With an average up spend of 67% on a standard gift card, not only are gift cards an excellent new product to launch, they fit firmly into increasing your secondary revenue too.

2)    A seamless online customer journey

It’s common to forget to give your website an annual make-over, forgetting about the thousands of people who visit it each day. As visitors have migrated to a dominant online world over the last 18 months, expectations have increased, and Google have updated an algorithm to reflect the need to put the customer first when it comes to transacting online. Make time, for new copy, new imagery and a review of how easy it is to convert another 0.5% of those thousands of visitors each day.

3)    Personality

In the UK travel & leisure space business has been good in 2021, to the extend the pandemic allows. Stories of maxed out capacity and above revenue targets have circulated as the UK market have enjoyed increased movement and holidays at home. As we move into 2022 with the dangling carrot of international travel available, plus the competition on every corner, more than ever it isn’t enough to simply have each marketing channel covered. Personality is your key to success. Audience-inspired copy, eye-catching creative and talking to your customer whatever the marketing medium. The one size fits all approach has no place in 2022 and beyond.

Good luck with your marketing plans and we wish you an excellent start to 2022 and we will be by your side as the year unfolds.

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