September 22, 2021

3 quick wins to drive volume

As we move towards shoulder months in the attractions calendar, try three quick wins to tempt volume to your attraction.

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The emphasis here is on the word ‘quick’ and it isn’t a strategy to live by. Proactive and forward planning are fool-proof mechanics to avoid a continual cycle of quick wins. But like all businesses in the travel and leisure world, there are times when a quick win is needed to plug a gap, and here are three options for you to consider if you need them.

1)    A customer-focused promotional action.

Cash back sites are the best for this, you are supporting your customers to not only purchase tickets to a fantastic experience, but they get some cash back too to utilise later. The second benefit here is the sheer size of the databases Top Cash back and Quidco offer. The combination of landing into 9 million people’s inboxes and the offer of something in return is enough to engage, which means you can choose the tickets/services you promote:midweek visitation, premium products, annual passes. Maximise the revenue opportunity as you drive volume.

2)    A new reason to visit

You may well just not be front of mind, so for a quick win, give your subscribers a reason to visit. A temporary late saver ticket or a‘Grandma’s visit FOC when they bring the family’. Engage and tell your audience why to visit.

3)    An added injection of digital activity

If you have 5 – 7 days’ notice and a little budget to spend, upweight some social advertising to meet your audience where they are spending time. Tap into lookalike audiences, and include clear, directive copy advising your future customers when to visit. Chat to your audience through the social platforms to drive some targeted, immediate volume.

Three tried and tested tips. However, the biggest quick-win secret to drive volume is not to panic. Acknowledge the need, decide on a route forward and commit with optimism.

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